We deliver Halal Lunch Box to Korea University!

Everyone deserves a healthy meal.

Green Moon Kitchen’s founders have been helping international travelers travel Korea since 2010. Running accommodation business, souvenir design brand and online travel agency allowed them to meet thousands of travelers, especially those from Southeast Asia. They also shared their house with travelers as Airbnb hosts and quickly learned the troubles Muslim travelers had to go through to get a decent meal while preserving their religion. The story of a Malaysian student who had one menu, sundubu jjigae, every day for the entire month she stayed in Korea to study Korean, resonated with them for a long time.

Everyone deserves a healthy meal
— regardless of their religion, location, preference.

Green Moon Kitchen aims to provide healthy halal food to Muslim population in Korea. We hope everyone, anywhere gets to taste yummy Korean food prepared while observing halal rules.

Halal-certified Meat

Fresh Ingredients

Home-cooked Style

Pickup Spots

1) Korea University, Anam Campus

  • Every Wed, Thu 12:00pm – 13:00pm

2) Coming Soon!


Green Moon selects popular Korean dish and tweak it to suit the taste buds of Muslim population in Korea. All menu comes with main menu, side and dessert.


Email : greenmoon.kitchen@gmail.com