Holland Hires Heroes

Holland Hires Heroes

The transition from military life to civilian life is challenging and Holland is opening doors for many veterans. Skills acquired in the military transfer well to the freight industry, making the transition a little easier for those who have worked hard for our country. Holland is a proud employer of America’s heroes. Read some of our veteran stories.

Holland Hires Heroes

Women in Trucking

The trucking industry is traditionally a man’s world, but women are making their mark as skilled truck drivers at Holland. Many of Holland’s women drivers opted out of other professions to follow their long-time dream of driving a truck and seeing the world, and they are bringing a new level of focus and passion to the job. 978-645-8598

Driver Hall of Fame

Accidents happen, but not for Holland’s Hall of Fame drivers! Many of our truck drivers have earned a consistent record of accident-free miles and share Holland’s view on the importance of safety. Our drivers share tips for safe driving, their experiences at Holland, and some fun facts to get to know them better. (219) 256-8814

Behind the Miles

There are many stories of deliveries, views and personalities that keep America moving forward. Get a look behind the scenes with some of the stories behind the miles.

Next Generation

Adventures of the Next Generation

Trucks deliver 10 billion tons of product a year. We need the next generation of truck drivers to keep our country moving! Read stories of some of the younger difference makers at Holland; many of whom started with our dock-to-driver program and they don’t miss the college loan bills!